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Issue #1000 of the legendary magazine Rolling Stone was published this week. The cover features a picture of Kurt Cobain as an angel, along with hundreds other pics of recent history's biggest entertainers. Editor and Publisher Jann Wenner explains the cover:

"To mark 1,000 issues, we wanted to create a cover both extraordinary and celebratory. In searching for ideas, we discovered that technology for 3-D printing had come a long way and had never been used for a magazine cover as ambitious and mass-market as this one. It took two months to manufacture, and more than 2 million were made. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which came out in 1967, the same year as Rolling Stone, was an album that changed our world forever. The 3-D idea, and a homage to the Beatles, seemed just right."

click here to see the full cover, and click here to see a close-up of the Kurt Cobain image
(from the NFC)
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