Rise and shine, all you gold diggin' mothers. (female_anatomy) wrote in love_buzz,
Rise and shine, all you gold diggin' mothers.

In advance, I warn you that I'm not sure if this fits here, since it has almost nothing to do with Nirvana, but it Cobain's widow and kid so I'll give it a shot. Anyway, here are some new pictures of Courtney and Frances Bean at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios on March 23, '06.

I'm sorry to be the one to keep repeating it, but "OH MY GOD! FRANNY'S ALL GROWN UP! AND SHE'S THE SPLITTIN' IMAGE OF HER DAD!" Plus, it looks like she's wearing one of her mom's signature babydoll dresses. ;]
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hello kurt jr
Wow that's kinda scary how much she looks like him... wow
actually, she looks a lot like courtney, especially pre-op courtney
Yeah, she has a lot of Courtney features (chin, especially) but Kurt's eyes. She's beginning to look more and more like her mom lately. I hope she doesn't develope the hideous Courtney nose. :[

Suspended comment

Haha, that's a pretty correct way to put it. But obviously Courtney's lips aren't real. Well ... let me rephrase that, Courtney's face isn't real. But she pretty much has her mom's original lips. Kurt and Courtney's realy lips don't really differ from one another, I find.