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love_buzz's Journal

can you feel my love buzz?
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LOVE BUZZ is a community dedicated to the band NIRVANA.

this is an open community, so join if you're a fan. a few rules:
-don't come here advertising your rating community.
-don't post "COURTNEY KILLED KURT!!!!" with a link to justiceforkurt.com. seriously, don't do that.
-and please don't call someone a "cobainite". i have no idea who the hell came up with that word but it's the dumbest thing ever.

my other communities: thebreeders, michael__stipe
(created by freezerburn on 11/10/02)
(new wave) polly, about a girl, aero zeppelin, all apologies, aneurysm, been a son, beeswax, big cheese, big long now, blandest, bleach, blew, breed, butch vig, chad channing, chris novoselic, come as you are, courtney love, curmudgeon, d-7, dale crover, dan peters, dave grohl, dive, do re mi, downer, drain you, dumb, early 90's, endless nameless, even in his youth, floyd the barber, foo fighters, frances bean cobain, frances farmer, grunge, grunge rock, hairspray queen, heart shaped box, heart-shaped box, hole, hormoaning, if you must, immigrant song, in bloom, in utero, incesticide, jason everman, krist novoselic, kurdt kobain, kurt cobain, kurt donald cobain, lake of fire, leadbelly, lithium, live and loud, lounge act, love buzz, marigold, meat puppets, mexican seafood, michael stipe, milk it, molly's lips, mr. moustache, negative creep, nevermind, nirvana, oh me, oh the guilt, old age, on a plain, opinion, paper cuts, pat smear, pennyroyal tea, plateau, polly, r.e.m., radio friendly unit shifter, rape me, return of the rat, scentless apprentice, school, scoff, seasons in the sun, seattle, seattle grunge, serve the servants, sifting, sliver, smells like teen spirit, something in the way, son of a gun, sonic youth, spank thru, stain, stay away, steve albini, sub pop, swap meet, talk to me, territorial pissings, the beatles, the meat puppets, the melvins, the pixies, the vaselines, token eastern song, tourette's, turnaround, unplugged in new york, verse chorus verse, very ape, with the lights out, you know you're right